The Bodied JA Experience

  • Shantavia


    The BodiedJA experience was a great one. I think great is an understatement. It was organized, we were fed! What stood out the most was how every woman was encouraged to embrace and affirm the baddie inside. I would recommend any woman who wants to build her confidence to this brand! Not only will you help them to build their confidence they’ll look good doing so. Thank you!

  • Patrice


    The Bodied Experience was BAD ASS!!!  It was truly a memorable day with very positive vibes and energies. The production was tight and all our needs were catered to. As a result it allowed for the "Baddies" to be at ease as they were dolled up for the day's events. All in all, it was a beautiful representation of the plus sized community and what it represents.

  • Breanna

    ST. ANN | SIZE 1X

    My experience was AMAZZZING. The inclusiveness of all body shapes and sizes is something truly commendable all across the board. It was evident that alot efforts went to make sure that the all Baddies were comfortable and it much appreciated. I'm a big supporter of plus size females no just looking beautiful but feeling comfortable do so and you company provide that with your clothes. I love the way the ladies were able and allowed to work what they each got like those bump and rolls are worth a million dollars( which they are by the way). The experience was remarkable and truly one for my books.

  • Danielle


    The Bodied experience was and everyone who participated was amazing, it was truly great to see ladies in all different shapes and sizes being catered to, not that I expected any less and all of us coming together showcase this was truly a beautiful display. Couldn't have asked for a better experience for the first time truly stepping out of my comfort zone.

  • Tajna-Lee


    The Bodied Experience was everything I thought it would be, and then some! It was an amazing shoot and I had a great time with some amazing baddies who made my day magical. Everyone had the best energy and the most beautiful spirits. 

  • Ayanna


    My experience with Bodied JA, was not only a smooth and easy one, but definitely exciting but they have a large variety in outfits that suits each an every Bodied Baddie Customer needs. I also must add that their customer service is indeed 10/10 and I will definitely recommend them to any and everybody.

  • Toni-Moy


    One word to some up the experience would be EXCLUSIVE. It was an exclusive event that promoted inclusivity towards all plus sized women. The experience I believe was even of greater value to the Baddies present than the host.A no judgment zone was created for us to be soft, beautiful, fierce, sexy, confident women of colour. Bodied Ja being able to provide this platform proves that they are not only in the business of providing quality trendy pieces for plus size women but to also empower and provide opportunities for plus size women to showcase their true beauty. 

  • Danielle


    My experience was exceeded my expectations. I’m happy I was choosing to be apart of this experience. An amazing experience to share with beautiful ladies that NEVER LET SIZE DEFINE YOU. We are amazing just the way we are. And I’m proud to say I’m a Bodied Baddie

  • Deandra


    The shoot was AMAZING! I loved it. I loved how fun you made it. The gifts were so thoughtful! The clothesssss are great quality and the casual line looks great...If you ever need someone to do another shoot, don't hesitate to call me lol! 

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